Skiing In Gulmarg

Powder Paradise: Exploring Gulmarg's Legendary Ski Terrain

Overview Of Gulmarg Skiing

Gulmarg, tucked in the heart of Pir Panjal range in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, is a visually charming town well known for its world class skiing adventures. At an altitude of 2950m, it is widely known as Indiaโ€™s top skiing locations and also for its lofty snow-capped mountains, tiny lakes, and variety of flowers.

The skiing terrain expands up to 1300 hectares, accommodating skiers of all levels from beginners to experts. Gulmarg Gondola, which is the highlight of skiing, is one of the highest cable cars in the world, offering the passengers the breathtaking panoramic view of the peak covered with snow. The place offers an unmatched skiing experience due to its quality and consistent powder snow.
The Gulmarg skiing packages can be fully customized by TravElsket offering ideal packages for family, friends, students, beginners or advanced as well. Skiing is a winter sport and the best season for the activities which include alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, heli-skiing, snowboarding starting from the month of December to March. The place receives plenty of snow during these months, sometimes snowfall is delayed to January. We also offer skiing courses with expert ski instructors which will give you the best experience of Gulmarg skiing sports.

Why Choose Gulmarg For Skiing?

Skiing In Gulmarg

Unparalleled Natural Beauty:ย Nestled in the heart of Pir Panjal range, Gulmarg Gondola is the highlight of skiing, is one of the highest cable cars in the world, offering the passengers the breathtaking panoramic view of the peak covered with snow, lush green meadows.

Snow Quality: The climate here is similar to European Alps and it snows double in comparison. The snow is light, dry and consistent making it easier for skiers to glide.

Long Skiing Season:ย The winter season normally falls between December to March and may extended to early April with ample opportunities for ski adventures.

Variety of Skiing Terrain:ย It offers a variety of terrain from groomed runs to off-piste regions, mogul field, tree skiing, backcountry terrain suitable for all levels of skiers ensuring excitement and challenging experience.

World Class Ski-Resort: Gulmarg is home to the iconic Gondola and a prominent destination for winter sports fans which offers world class experience with first-rate amenities and services.

Accessible Backcountry: Gulmarg provides easy access to pristine backcountry terrain, where skiers can enjoy exhilarating descents and remote mountain experiences with the guidance of experienced local guides.

Adventure Activities: In addition to skiing, Gulmarg offers a range of adventure activities such as snowboarding, heli-skiing, and snowshoeing, ensuring there’s something for every type of winter enthusiast.

Skiing In Gulmarg Cost

The price of Gulmarg skiing varies according to the duration of the stay. We would recommend spending a minimum of 5 days skiing. In Gulmarg, we provide the lowest skiing packages which include accommodation, ski equipment rentals, lift passes and additional expenses such as dining and transportation. The cost starts from 13,500 for 5 days including accommodation and transportation. We also provide ski instructors with a fundamental low cost which can be accessed from students to professionals. The influx of travelers and skiers in the winter makes Gulmarg quite expensive. Nonetheless, Our cost is unchanging.

Different Gulmarg Skiing Slopes

Kongdoori Slopes Of Gulmarg

Kongdoori Slopes

A bowl-shaped region nestled between the Apharwat and Gulmarg mountain ranges known as Kongdori slopes. The Gondola ride starts from Gulmarg and concludes at Apharwat crossing Kongdori which takes roughly ten minutes.

Maryโ€™s Shoulder

Kongdoori Slopes

A bowl-shaped region nestled between the Apharwat and Gulmarg mountain ranges known as Kongdori slopes. The Gondola ride starts from Gulmarg and concludes at Apharwat crossing Kongdori which takes roughly ten minutes.

Skiing In Gulmarg

Phase II Gondola

It takes you to Apharwat ridge at a height of 13500 feet and has less crowd and more snow than phase 1. Tourists get access to challenging slopes like Maryโ€™s shoulder which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the mighty Himalayan peaks.

Apharwat Slopes In Gulmarg For Skiing

Apharwat Slopes

Lies in the phase 2 of the Gondola ride, it is one of the highest summit and longest ski slopes of Asia. Gives skiers and snowboarders a heart pounding and unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Us For Skiing In Gulmarg?

Skiing In Gulmarg
  • Expert guidance– We offers personalized and well-designed Gulmargย ski skiing packages. Our team includes instructors and guides who know the ins and outs of Gulmarg are included in our package. They watch out for safety and provide valuable tips to improve skiing.

  • Itinerary- We provide customized itineraries based on your skill level and interest to meet your goals, whether you are a beginner or an expert skier searching for challenging terrain.

  • Accommodation- Our package usually includes all necessary amenities like accommodation, lift passes, equipment rentals and transportation. This leads to a planned trip and eliminates the need to worry and to enjoy your skiing adventure.

  • Local staff- Our staff and guides are local in the area having extensive knowledge about the region providing insider tips about the local cuisine, dine out places, skiing spots and engage in the culture of Gulmarg.

  • Safety- We opt high priority on safety and follow strict safety procedures. Our guides are trained in first aid, avalanche safety and provide emergency assistance when necessary.

  • Ski equipment- We offer premium ski clothing and equipment from a reputed brand ensuring comfort, safety and top performance on the slope. Our staff will assist you to choose the appropriate equipment based on your tastes and skill level.

  • Transportation- Our package also offers all the logistics arrangements, from lodging to airport transportations, allowing you to relax and enjoy your vacation hassle-free.

Best Time For Skiing In Gulmarg

Renowned for its world class skiing experience, tall snow-capped mountains, lakes, surrounded with Pines, Cedar and variety of flowers, Gulmargโ€™s terrain stretches up to 1300 hectares. Skiers of all levels from beginners to experts come here for sports adventures. The best time to visit Gulmarg for skiing is usually from December to mid-March, where the place gets a lot of snowfall. The popular months are December and January ensuring powder snow to engage in sports like ice skating, skiing, snowmobile, snowboarding. Different levels of skiers can access skiing zones at varying elevations with Gulmarg Gondola, known as one of the highest cable cars of the world. In comparison to the busiest months, February and March offer milder temperatures and fewer crowds. Our TravElsket team also offers Gulmarg skiing courses with expert ski instructors which will give you the best experience of skiing sports. This requires practice and we suggest a minimum of 7 days course enrolment for beginners to learn and adapt themselves.

Skiing In Gulmarg

Gulmarg Skiing In December

Gulmarg experiences below freezing temperatures in December, with average day temperature varying between -5ยฐC to 5ยฐC. Temperatures at night fall to below freezing, sometimes as low as -10ยฐC. It experiences a lot of snowfall accumulating 40-50 cm of average snowfall. Waking up every morning to more snow covered areas enhances the beauty of this place and providing ideal skiing condition on the slopes. You must carry proper gear equipments and thermals to protect from cold and snow. This month has plentiful snow and cooler temperature than the rest of the months attracting both experienced and beginner skiers looking for thrilling experience on the powdery slopes of Himalayas.

Skiing In Gulmarg

Gulmarg Skiing In January

It has extreme cold temperatures and a lot of snowfall with temperatures ranging between -2ยฐC to 7ยฐC making it the best time to ski in Gulmarg. The temperature drops down more up to -8ยฐC during night time. To keep yourself warm and away from cold , wear a number of layers and thermals. Keep an eye upon the weather forecast to get updates about heavy snowfall and avalanches.

Skiing In Gulmarg

Gulmarg Skiing In February

Gulmarg has a lot of snowfall during this time of the month. Temperature during the day ranges between -2ยฐC to 6ยฐC and drastically drops to -10ยฐC at night. The average depth of snow is around 1-2 m creating an ideal sloping condition. Occasionally storms and blizzards may occur for which you should always stay alert as it might halt the skiing activity. It is the time when the snowpack is strongest and deep. As the ski season is very brief and the village gets warmer by the end of February. Lower altitude snow also becomes sticky.

Skiing In Gulmarg

Gulmarg Skiing In March

This month receives the most precipitation, and the crowd is also less. The transition occurs from winter to early spring with greenery emerging. The day temperature settles around 10ยฐC, however mercury drops to 0ยฐC during the evening hours. The days here become longer offering more time to ski and explore.

Snow Quality In Gulmarg

Gulmarg is well known for its unique snow quality, described as light dry powder which is appreciated by skiers and snowboarders all over the world. As it is situated in the high altitude of the Himalayas, it receives snowfall throughout the winter creating a perfect place for skiing and snow sports. The powder snow is known for its depth and consistency with a soft feel making it easy for smooth glide and turn. Here the climate is similar to the European Alps and the snow is almost doubled. The ski patrol consists of skilled ski guides and Avalanche forecasters who are expert in timely rescue.

Other Adventures Beyond Skiing In Gulmarg

Snowboarding In Gulmarg


Whether you are a beginner or expert, beyond skiing it is also a great place for snowboarders. You can experience the freedom of riding through unexplored powder fields and diverse terrain.

Snowmobile In Gulmarg


The ATV ride in the snow zooming through beautiful roads surrounded by breath blowing views of snow-capped peaks of Gulmarg. The ride is generally for 30 minutes and can be extended and you can make a reel to post it in your social media account.

Ice Skating In Gulmarg

Winter (December to April)

Ice skaterโ€™s dreams come true when the weather drops and the lake freezes. Lace up your skates and glide over the silky frozen lakes while taking in the tranquil beauty of the snowy landscape.


The ski starts from Rs 400 per hour and for an advanced ski guide it costs Rs 3000 per day, which is the basic price. While the ski costs differ in phase 1 and phase 2. The entire skiing cost varies depending upon the number of days you will be trained.
It is rated as Asiaโ€™s 5th best ski destination and said to be similar to European Alps for its abundant snowfall in the winter with ample fresh powder snow quality. The snow here is dry, light which is perfect for skiing and snowboarding which is spread over an area of 1300 hectares.
The best time is December to March for Gulmarg skiing, ensuring heavy snowfall which is excellent for skiing and snowboarding. The slopes are covered with light and dry powder snow making it perfect for skiing. These months offer milder weather making skiing more comfortable.
Yes, skiing lessons are available for beginners by our TravElsket team having certified instructors teaching essential skills like basic techniques, turning, balancing and stopping. We provide beginners to learn and progress at their own pace including both on-snow instruction and practice sessions.
It offers skiers of all skill levels from beginners to professional, including off-piste slopes for adventurous riders, mogul field for expert riders, alpine bowls, chutes. Mount Apharwat is considered the best terrain for powder skiing.
Check for weather and Avalanche updates and use proper gear equipment including ski boots, binding with an expert to ensure safety. Avoid entering into the off-limits unmarked areas to reduce the chance of accidents and getting lost.
Yes, you can rent skiing equipment from our team, including the boots, skis, poles, helmet, snowboards. We provide options both for adults and children for those who do not prefer to travel with more load based on their skills and preference.
To stay dry and warm, start with moist-wicking thermals and layer with insulated fleece and pants. Wear waterproof ski jackets to protect against snow and moisture. Choose ski socks, gloves to keep feet and hands warm. Wear a beanie to cover up your head and a balaclava to keep your face and neck protected from cold winds and snow.